Enrolment at the IEC

Students are welcome to enrol at the IEC at anytime during the school year.  

All students must ring to make an appointment to enrol.

The office is closed during school holidays, so please call before the end of term to make an appointment to enrol for the next year or term.

What to bring to enrolment:

Students coming to enrol at Chatswood IEC must bring the following documentation:

  1. Passport (including Visas)
  2. Proof of Address-Council rates notice or Utility Bill (e.g. water, gas, electricity). Drivers Licences will NOT be accepted.
  3. School reports
  4. Two recent Passport Photos
  5. Enrolment form - please download the form, complete and bring to your appointment

1. Passport

All students must bring their current passport to the assessment appointment. The passport provides proof of identity of the student. Copies of passports (including certified copies) are not accepted. Australian passports are not stamped on entry, so Australian passports holders should also bring their most recent boarding pass/e-ticket as proof of the date of entry into Australia.Non-Australian passport holders must bring current visa as well as passports. The visa category provides information about a student's eligibility to attend the IEC.  If the visa category does not allow enrolment, the IEC will refer the student to the appropriate government department for further assistance. 


2. Proof of Address

All students enrolling at Chatswood IEC must live in the Chatswood IEC catchment area.  Parents and caregivers must provide evidence that they live in this area.  If you are unsure, please call the IEC office to confirm.   

Accepted Proof of Address:

  • Lease Agreement, or
  • Recent Water or council rates, or
  • Letter from a solicitor /registered real estate agent.

Not accepted:

  • Telephone bill
  • Driver's licence

Students and their families may be sharing accommodation with others and therefore not have the required proof of address in their own names. In this case proof of address must be supplied by the owner of lessee of the property and that person must provide a Statutory Declaration witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) stating that the family and the student live at that address. 

Families that have only recently arrived and are living outside the catchment area must give an undertaking that they intend to move in area within a short period of time. They will be asked to provide proof of address at the end of that time period. Students who do not live in the Chatswood IEC catchment area will be asked to transfer to another IEC. Any extenuating circumstances will be considered before a final decision to transfer a student is made. 

3. School Reports

Recent school reports should be provided at the time of enrolment. Families who do not have these in Australia should organise for the reports to be faxed from their country of origin. 

4. Recent Passport photos

Every student must provide 2 recent passport photos for student identification cards. 

5. Enrolment form

Link to form in English -  Enrolment form
Link to translated form (various languages)  -  Translated enrolment form.